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About Ilok

While are you in Vukovar, it would be a shame not to visit Ilok – the easternmost city of the Croatian.
With its rich history, excellent cuisine and beautiful nature it definitely should find a way to your list if you are in Slavonia, or at least near Vukovar.

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What we certainly recommend is – do not miss the Ilok wine cellars, which are renowned throughout Croatia and beyond , especially if you call yourself a true wine lover. But not only hedonists are those who will be found here. In Ilok, you can visit the castle Odescalchi – Ilok museum, then the sanctuary, church and monastery of St. John Capistrano. Do not miss enrich all of this by visiting the country side Principovac – where you can play golf, enjoy nature, and finally in the original Slavonian specialties that you will remember for a long long time.


Ilok 260412. Restoran Principovac u Iloku. Na slici restoran Principovac. Foto: Danijel Soldo / CROPIX

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